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CD/DVD Reviews » Slim Sandy - Rough & Ready

Track List:

Bow Legged Daddio
Cats Was A Jumpin'
Couldn't Sleep Last Night
Flathead Ford
Slow Down Baby
No Gasoline
Mr. Guitar
Gettin' By Jus' The Same
Three Alley Cats
Party In Room
Slim Sandy
Rough & Ready
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Possible Styles: rockabilly, hillbilly, rock 'n' roll
Submitted by: howard_raucous.
Publication date - 26 January 2007

Raw 'n' rockin', and as stripped-down as it gets. Slim Sandy is a well-known face on the rockabilly scene, being a member of Ray Condo'd Hardrock Goners, the Crazy Rhythm Daddies and the Howlin' Hound Dogs - but now he's gone-it alone and is the rockinest one-man band around. he sings, plays guitar, plays harmonica, and plays the drum with his foot. His rockin' songs are inspired by the classic sun records artists from Sonny Burgess to Harmonica Frank - and of course Hasil Adkins fans will dig it too!

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