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CD/DVD Reviews » Tom Powder - The Amarillo Killer

Track List:

A Swedish Boy Don't Cry
Amarillo Killer
Born To Be Bad
Give Me Give Me
Raise The Flag
Yellow Rose Of Texas
Tongue Tied Jill
I've Done My Time
Baby Let Me Powder Your Nose
I'm Gonna Move
Oklahoma Baby
Tennessee Bound
Beatin' The Devil's Tattoo
Rockin' Rhythm
Hey Baby.
Tom Powder
The Amarillo Killer
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Possible Styles: rockabilly, rock 'n' roll
Submitted by: Hairy_Monkey.
Publication date - 26 January 2007

Tom Powder of the Black Knights goes solo, and the result is a really great rockin' release. Powder is already known among the teddyboy fraternity as a great singer, guitarist and song-writer, but the secret ingredient of this album is that is was recorded by Lars Strandheim, best known for the string of authentic style rockabilly releases on his Tail Records label.

so... teddyboy rock 'n' roll meets authentic rockabilly - and it really works well as these 16 tracks prove. most songs here are original Tom Powder compositions, but there's a few covers here too includings songs originally by Mac Curtis and Charlie Feathers.

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