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CD/DVD Reviews » Mad Fred & The Maniacs - Mad Fred & The Maniacs

Track List:

Bim Bam
I'm Out
Drinkin' Wine Spo-dee-o-dee
Cool Off Baby
Right Now
Rock Rock Rock
Train Of Love
Half Loved
Rock 'n' Roll Ruby
Gonna Love My Baby
All The Time
Sleep Rock 'n' Roll
Her Love Rubbed Off
I'm Glad My Baby's Gone Away
Boo Hoo
The Cat
How Come It
Raging Sea
Rockin' Daddy
Let's Rock Tonight
Stuttering Cindy
Bop A Lena.
Mad Fred & The Maniacs
Mad Fred & The Maniacs
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Possible Styles: rock 'n' roll
Submitted by: Mike_The_Bopper.
Publication date - 26 January 2007

You know that every so often you go through a phase of buying a pile of cd's and never getting around to playing them, well this little pocket rocket was one such album. I popped in to the CD player, and wow! It blew my crepes straight off my feet.. The album is packed to the brim of 100% ass kicking rock 'n' roll.. 24 tracks that just get you going, and don't let you stop till the very end. Their choice of mood is just great.. You get mean and moody numbers such as domino, to slower ones like half loved through to raw rockabilly tracks as stuttering cindy.. It's a brilliant piece of work.. Well done lads!

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