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CD/DVD Reviews » The Pirates - Skullduggery

Track List:

Ugly Millionaire
Brand New Cadillac
She's Hot
Baby Please Don't Go / Mayhem On An "e" String
Tear It Up
You Don't Own Me
Honey Hush
Gibson Martin Fender
Don't Munchen It
Please Don't Touch
Willie And The Hand Jive
Cadillac, Mustang, Chevy, Corvette
Shakin' All Over.
The Pirates
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Possible Styles: rock 'n' roll
Submitted by: Mike_The_Bopper.
Publication date - 26 January 2007

This disc is a slight change from the norm.. Since i first entered into the rockin' scene way back in the late 1970's, one of my all time favourite bands was Johnny Kidd & The Pirates. Sadly, Johnny Kidd died in a car accident on the 7th october 1966 on the a56 not far from bury. From then on, The Pirates have continued to play the music that Johnny Kidd lived for. Johnny Apence, Frank Farley and Mick Green have worked tirelessly to keep The Pirates name alive and to bring you their latest album - Skullduggery. this is their legacy! one thing for sure, this album is a must have for any great British rock 'n' roll fan, especially a fan of the late great Johnny Kidd. The Pirates have released a succession of other albums: Out of Their Skulls (1977), Skull Wars (1978), Crossfire (1999), Live in Japan (2000), to name but a few.

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