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CD/DVD Reviews » Contessa & The Squires - Stomp The Bomb

Track List:

Side A
1. Gonna Sing Gonna Dance
2. My Cadillac
Side B
1. Julie
2. The Colt
Contessa & The Squires
Stomp The Bomb
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Possible Styles: rockabilly, psychobilly, surf
Submitted by: hankabilly.
Publication date - 01 October 2016

Batman must get one of Joker's bombs away so stomp the bomb!
This EP have 4 original tracks, miss Contessa from Italy on vocals, Influenced by 60's surf acts garage-beat-Cramps.
First song is about to sing and dance a happy tune, seconds song about the famous 50’s car.
The other 2 tracks are mod a go go, a pumping rockabilly, psychobilly beat, simple but catchy good rock and roll b-music.
Perfect band for the Amsterdam Beatclub or any other beach party.

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