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CD/DVD Reviews » Nick Curran & The Lowlives - Reform High School

Track List:

1 Tough Lover
2 Reel Rock Party
3 Reform School Girl
4 Kill My Baby
5 Psycho
6 Sheena's Back
7 Baby You Crazy
8 Ain't No Good
9 The Lowlife
10 Dream Girl
11 Flyin' Blind
12 Lusty L'il Lucy
13 Filthy
14 Rocker
Nick Curran & The Lowlives
Reform High School
Eclecto Groove Records (2010)
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Possible Styles: jump blues, rock and roll
Submitted by: hankabilly.
Publication date - 20 May 2016

Everybody must buy this album if don’t have it yet, it’s the best and last CD from the late great Nick Curran.

Starting this album with Wild Lover from Etta James, man what a great version this shows so much the influence of Little Richard!

Second song Real Rock Party this is the real deal a blues/harp/mic but real rock, let’s get the party started.

Third song Reform School Girl homage to Shangri-Las and the Ronettes its really good done, Nick together with Barbara Clifford.

Kill My Baby, Nicks best song he ever wrote and recorded it killer!

Psycho great rock and roll song with sax and piano.

Scheena’s Back and Baby You Crazy, again influence of Little Richard oh yeah!

Ain’t No Good wild crazy rock and roll influence of Chuck Berry ain’t no good for you!

The Lowlife r & b, rock and roll, jump blues you name it, Nick rocker No.1 for sure.

Dream Girl a blues tune playing the blues influence of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins.

Flylin’ Blind is a very nice song together with Phil Alvin (the Blasters) I don't know where I'm goin'... I don't care where I've been.

Lusty Lil Luzy rebel yell great piano and guitar solo rock and roll baby!

Filthy dirty good old rock and roll!

And the last song Rocker from ACDC, Nicks version is the best version ever, many recorded it but Nick version is the best a real rocker he is gone but sure not forgotten!

I have seen many rockers live but i tell you Nick is the real wild one!

Buy this album!

Nick Curran (September 30, 1977 – October 6, 2012)

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