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CD/DVD Reviews » Pat Capocci - Call Of The Wild

Track List:

1. Call Of The Wild
2. Slave For The Beat
3. Jitters
4. Break These Chains
5. I'll Take A Hint
6. Automobile Blues
7. Jumping Through Hoops
8. Brunette Baby
9. Telecaster On A Tightrope
10. Black Mountain
11. Wore Out The Soles
12. One Plate
13. Work My Magic
14. Chica Guapa
Pat Capocci
Call Of The Wild
Press-tone (2013)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly
Submitted by: catzy.
Publication date - 18 August 2013

Australians are coming strong this year. Pat Capocci is one of the best and hard working guitarists at the scene. His brand new Call Of The Wild CD has got 14 killer tracks, all of them originals!!! They vary from pure wild rockabilly to stylish western swing with finger picking guitar. In some songs Pat's guitar sounds raw and in others sweet and tender - like his favorite KFC chicken!!!! I can almost taste it. I like how Pat sings, pronouncing each world so clear that that I could write words for every song he sings by listening to them. Even cover design is stylish. Art cover of the CD is made by Chris Wilkinson (Zazou Cowboys, Bonneville Barons).

1) Call Of The Wild
Jungle noise filled rockin' tune has got boppin beat that moves your feet.
2) Slave For The Beat
Hypnotic song than spins in your head until morning. Mr. Bopflix Chis Magee has made fantastic video of this song, and you can also her some of song called Jitters in the end of the video too:

This is my favorite song of this record. It's about hoodoo voodoo spell and I cannot resist them songs :) Works every time. Beside that this song has such charming guitar slicks.
4) Brake These Chains
Bopper with cowbell and jumpin' beat, and pleading lyrics.
5) I'll Take A Hint
This is steel guitar styled funny conversation by singing between Pat and (my wild guess) Damien Lawson the bass player. Some guys just cannot take the hint!
6) Automobile Blues
Traditional western swing tune about car, for bad days and brighter future.
7) Jumping Through Hoops
Bit of Hawaiian taste in this song, where poor guys tries to please his girl until exhausted. Make sure your girl can clean and cook!
8) Brunette Baby
How could I not like this song? Red lipstick and pretty smile get even more rockin with this piece of raw guitar! This is quick stroller that sends chills down my spine.
9) Telecaster On Tight Rop
Instrumental where you can experiment Pat's guitar skills on his TK Smiths tuned Telecaster!
10) Black Mountain
Mean bopper that makes you jump around. Story tells about girl who lost her soul somewhere to the mountain full of wolves.
11) Wore Out The Soles
Pat is no quitter, he will wore out the soles of your shoes too. This slow piece is to make you shake your hips and step round the streets looking for your baby.
12) One Plate
All the singles will love this country-western song :) There sure is something missing and it ain't good music!
13) Work My Magic
Long distance relationships are not easy, but Pat has solution for this too. So don't give up on that love across sea - or border just yet. This song will make it all work out somehow.
14) Chica Guapa
Fast paced love song for latina chica. Watch out, hot blood senoritas can mix your head easily too :)

I bought my "Call Of The Wild" striaght from Pat as I wanted his T-shirt too, but you can get it also in Europe. For example at Bim Bam records. Check your own record dealer and force them to get this one, if they don't have it yet. If you decide to order from Australian Press-Tone, make sure you get new Rusty Pinto "Way Out Here" too!!!!

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11 September 2013
Comment by rockinev

This is a great album Pat plays some great guitar, and writes some great lyrics saw him at the Rockabilly Rave one of the weekend highlights.


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