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CD/DVD Reviews » Izzy & The Kesstronics - Elegant M.f.

Track List:

Gotta Keep You Waiting
We Are Just Strangers
Follow Your Gut
Mambo On Your Grave
If You Know
Load Bearing Woman
Red Man Rave
Rockstar Valentine
Hanging Death Waves
Wounded Flamingo
Izzy & The Kesstronics
Elegant M.f.
℗ 2009 Izzy Zaidman (2009)
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Possible Styles: rock and roll, swing
Submitted by: hankabilly.
Publication date - 05 May 2011

The first track is a Chuck Berry style rock and roll song - not bad at all.
Waiting for what coming next - r 'n r, jazzy, mambo, all kind of influences with an electric bass.
Stranger Izzy plays very good guitar and has a good voice but still there is something missing.
This kind of music you will not play on your grave, maybe if you are in a strange mood with a girl on the dancefloor, drunk and slowly dancing with her and with Izzy & the Kesstronics backgroundmusic from the jukebox you will get in the right mood.
8 million people live in NYC and swingcat Izzy is one of them. He is mixing 1950's avant-garde rock n' roll with 40's swing and surf.
This is a band you must see on stage that's for sure, they got some balls.
January 2011 they where in Belgium and they will sure come back with their avant-garde roots music.

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