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CD/DVD Reviews » Flaming Combo - Big Black Rocket

Track List:

Gunning For The Dogs (steve Bloomfield)
I Love Her So
Thrills Down My Spine
Baby, Baby (johnson-hawks)
My Tortured Mind
Because You're Mine (carl Perkins)
Born To Love One Woman (don Johnston)
Flaming Combo Song
My Big Black Rocket
Flaming Combo
Big Black Rocket
Par Vocations Records (2010)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly
Submitted by: hankabilly.
Publication date - 05 May 2011

Flaming Combo 120 miles west to Paris France, influenced by the original legends of the 50's as well as by the present time.
The opening cover track Gunning For The Dogs say everything what you can expect from this album, teddy boy, rockabilly, Bo Diddley beat, gretch-guitar, double bass etc.
The sound is really good they supported Lee Rocker on tour in 2007.
The track Billy is a great laid back country rock and roll song, sounds really good.
Didier Doudement got a good voice and play on his White Falcon Gretch.
They did play on Viva Las Vegas 2011 a great rockabilly show.

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