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CD/DVD Reviews » Barry Ryan - And God Said: Let There Be Rockabilly

Track List:

Ready To Rock / Rockabilly Jamboree / Rosalie / I Was Wrong / Love You Anyway / Rock 'n' Roll Radio / Bandito / Can't Buy Me Love / It's Only Love / Tell Me Why.
Barry Ryan
And God Said: Let There Be Rockabilly
Blues Leaf (2008)
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Possible Styles: rockabilly, cajun
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl.
Publication date - 12 October 2008
Copyrights: Really Rockabilly

Barry Ryan is well known to neo-rockabilly fans via his involvement with the legendary Rockats and for being a guitar player for Robert Gordon. His musical career started much earlier - in the 1970s he was with with cajun/rockabilly band Lucky 7. The Rockats got him in the early 1980s, and he brought along not only his guitar and vocals talents, but also expressed his songwriting skills.

'And God Said: Let There Be Rockabilly' album is the first solo release by this rockabilly guitar virtuoso. The album is upbeat, foot stomping, rockabilly throughout. The simple beat is gives way to nifty guitar licks.

First are a couple of songs with a straight forward rockabilly beat, where the accent is on the excellent guitar solos and Barry's tender and distinctive voice. Long time fans will recognize track 3 - the song 'Rosalie' was featured on the album 'One Way Track' by his former band Lucky 7. The reworking is a little slower in pace and shows another side of the artist.

I especially enjoyed the ballad 'I Was Wrong' beautifully sung by Barry and Dale Ryan (who I guess is his daughter).

All except for one track are self-written originals, the only cover song being 'Can't Buy Me Love'.

The overall sound of this album is uptempo and will keep you busy on dancefloor. Barry's voice will make your heart melt, and those serious guitar licks will make your soul tremble!

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08 December 2008
Comment by kryan

Ok its my brother and my sis in law and deduct how many stars thats worth. Ya gotta love the songs and production...Barry I'm so proud of you...great job

08 December 2008
Comment by jaktheladd

ubeat and so clean....gotta love the interpetation of the Beatles cant buy me love. I'd think Sir Paul would think it clever.;....there isnt a track on here you cant find something to love...a lil bit for everyone...loved it


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