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CD/DVD Reviews » Chuy And The Bobcats - Losing My Mind

Track List:

1 Hard Headed Woman
2 Little Jewel
3 Real Mean Daddy
4 All I Can Do Is Cry
5 Lucy Has Been Waiting
6 Long Blonde Hair
7 Crazy Baby
8 Kiss Me Quick
9 Pocket Pickin Man
10 Red Hot Mama
11 Voodoo Woman
12 Love Spilled Across The Floor
13 Little Lin
Chuy And The Bobcats
Losing My Mind
Wild Records
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Possible Styles: rockabilly
Submitted by: rob.
Publication date - 17 March 2008

13 of the wildest rockin' tracks you'll hear! Total attitude raw, powerful and dangerous. Totally all you want from wild promotions. Love what their putting out with others such as omar romero, santos dusty chance etc. Great boppers, brilliant.

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