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CD/DVD Reviews » Mack Self - Easy To Love, The Sun Years, Plus

Track List:

Goin' Crazy / Everyday / Vibrate / Easy To Love / Lovin' Memories / Lovin' Memories / Mad At You / Willie Brown / Little One / Little One / Goin' Crazy / Everyday / Vibrate / Easy To Love / Lovin' Memories / Lovin' Memories / Mad At You / Willie Brown / Goin' Crazy / Everyday / Easy To Love / Got You On My Mind / Lovin' Memories / Jody Mcclain / Folsom Prison Blues / Yesterday's Gone / That Mexican Limbo / Breaking New Ground / You Put Those Tears In My Eyes / Bridges / Interview.
Mack Self
Easy To Love, The Sun Years, Plus
Bear Family / Cd Bcd 16519 Ah (2007)
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Possible Styles: country / rockabilly
Submitted by: raveonreviews.
Publication date - 30 August 2007

This comprehensive collection covers all of Mack Self’s Sun and Phillips International recordings, and compiles rare tracks for the Zone label including "That Mexican Limbo," and the bittersweet "You Put These Tears in My Eyes." Like the other entries in the Sun Years series, listeners are treated to interesting outtakes that bring us closer to the music and its makers.
Many songs were not released originally and while better-known recordings are represented by fresh alternate takes. Example: Two versions - including an outtake - of Self’s still exciting rocker "Vibrate." The flipside - "Easy to Love" - may have been Self’s best country side at Sun. Further, "Everyday," produced by the inimitable Jack Clement, proves to be one of Self’s most interesting songs as the small combo forged creative ideas for the bass and drums. First issued on the 10 LP set Sun Records, The Country Years (BFX 15211) in 1986, "Little One" echoes Buddy Holly’s "An Empty Cup (A Broken Date)," is a nice waltz.
Subsequently, former Elvis Presley sideman, Bill Black produced Self at Hi Records. There, the versatile artist penned some fine tunes, most notably, the catchy trucker song "Bridges," the introspective "Yesterday’s Gone," and the previously unreleased "Goin’ Crazy." We are treated to three versions of the latter, which features such humorous cow-poke lyrics as "You got me barkin’ like a dog, rootin like a hog - Goin’ Crazy!".
The disc closes with liner note legend Hank Davis’s telephone interview with Self, wherein the friendly singer-songwriter sings an unreleased song over the phone. This proves an apt finale for an enjoyable compilation that provides definitive evidence why Mack Self was vital to the Sun story.
- Johnny Vallis.

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