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CD/DVD Reviews » Flesh - Resurrection

Track List:

Last Breath
My Sweet Enemy
Blue Eyes
Cat Heart Cyst
Till Dawn
Learning How To Live
Are You Restless?
Life Force
Don't Let Go
Death Is My Lover
Raucous Records (2006)
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Possible Styles: psychobilly
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl.
Publication date - 12 June 2007

Review by Stu Gibson.
Shouldst ye be harkening after more dark-hearted horror/ghoul/vampabilly
theatrics then along come Canadians Flesh, fronted by the
aforely-mentioned femme fatale, the vamp after your vitals Lili Sweet.
Maybe youíve had your fill of *The Horrorpops* and fellow Candian
grave-raiders *The Creepshow* but donít write off this set of
silver-bullet proof B-Movie schlock devotees and devourers at midnightís
melee with too much haste. Sure, this may sound like it was actually
recorded in a crypt thatís caving in ceiling-first after they
unwittingly set off a centuries old curse that forbids such frightfully
pernicious past-times. The saturated guitar sound ricochets around with
the haphazardness of anguished ghouls though after an initial frown of
distaste does mutate into resembling Nosferatuís fingers scraping the
wall on the follow through from slicing through someoneís pleasingly
pulsating carotid. With some dawn-rise defying song-writing acting as
the pillar to withhold the collapsing castle the virulent bass is the
sloth-footed stomp of some particularly zealous zombie and the drums
pounded out on a full civilisation of dead menís chests herald the onset
of delirious, dusky darkness that songs such as /Learning How To Live
/and /Are You Restless? /merely act as quickeners for.

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