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CD/DVD Reviews » Fractured - No Peace For The Wicked

Track List:

Honest Lovin' / Chauffeur Driven Limousine / Dark Blue Sea / Kisses Sweeter Than Wine / Girl On The Corner / Gamblin' Man / Sold My Secret / Big John.
No Peace For The Wicked
Raucous Records (2007)
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Possible Styles: neo-rockabilly
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl.
Publication date - 06 June 2007

Review by Stu Gibson.

First time CD, and slick digi-pack at that, issue for this, the only album from neo-rockabilly burn-outs Fractured, originally issued in 1987. Favourites at the infamous London psychobilly night Klub Foot in the early to mid eighties, primarily because their Restless-esque neo-stylings were played so fast, even on record, never mind live, which is represented here by their, yup, speed ‘n’ spesh ultra-blur brew-spew on Big John. On the evidence of the frantic lothario of Honest Lovin’, Dark Blue Sea, the lurching, leering Gene Vincent swing through folk-staple Kisses Sweeter Than Wine and Gamblin’ Man that some will know from the Klub Foot compilation series, it’s a shame they had such a scant recording history.

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