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CD/DVD Reviews » Cherry Casino And The Gamblers - Fat Mama's Daughter

Track List:

Baby C'mon Lets Go - Hospital Blues - Crazy Baby - Fat Mama's Daughter - My Baby Calls Me On The Phone - She Loves To Rock - Stop That Train - What If He Steals My Baby - Gorgeous Woman - Loo Le Loo Le Loo - The Party's Going On - She's Going To Ruin Me - Hey Baby.
Cherry Casino And The Gamblers
Fat Mama's Daughter
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Possible Styles: rock 'n' roll, rhythm & blues
Submitted by: rockabilly_girl.
Publication date - 08 May 2007

A 5 piece band Rhythm & Blues from Berlin, Germany. Their firsl album, was out not long back in 2006, but still there are plenty of us who wanted to hear more of Cherry straight away. This combo have a sound that is period perfect - the performance, the songs, and the recording capture the early 50s Rockin' R&B sound perfectly. The songs are great, with many tales about women and the trouble that a man gets into. Vocals and guitar are superb, with neat touches of saxophone when required.

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Cherry Casino And The Gamblers Band Information

Cherry Casino And The Gamblers

Submitted by rockabilly_girl (29 May 2007)
The Band was put together in spring 2001 as a backing band for american singer/50´s recording artist Rayburn Anthony. Axel Praefcke and Ike Stoye soon found the right guys to make this project happen. With Michael "Humpty" Kirscht on second lead-guitar, "Lucky" Lehmann on stand-up bass and Torsten "Bam-Boom" Peukert on drums they would try to get it goin. Just a few days before the tour the whole thing was cancelled and there stood a well-rehearsed band with nothing to do..."We didn´t wanna leave it this way after all the practicing and the countless hours of rehearsing" sez Ike "and somehow everything we played sounded kinda...


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