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Mississippi Queen
Submitted by juanes (04 March 2012)
Mississippi Queen are the oldest rockabilly bend in Croatia. There start to rockin' in late 1989', and their first album are "Golden Years". On "Golden Years" Mississippi QUeen were Gorana Cehic(fiddle, vocal), Igor Balent(drums), Jurica Štelma(double bass), Renato Zgrablic-Pit(lead guitar) and frontman Karlo Starcevic(rhythm guitar, vocal). First track on album "Golden Years" are one of most...
Mystery Train
Submitted by kitti (15 June 2010)
The Mystery Train was officially born 30 years ago (in 1980), even though the guys started playing together three years before that. As it usually happens, the members were changing, but the bass player (Ari Hanninen) stayed in the band all the time. Singles and EP’s were realeased during band’s musical life and finally...
Pat Capocci
Submitted by catzy (18 August 2013)
Australians are coming strong this year. Pat Capocci is one of the best and hard working guitarists at the scene. His brand new Call Of The Wild CD has got 14 killer tracks, all of them originals!!! They vary from pure wild rockabilly to stylish western swing with finger picking guitar. In some songs Pat's guitar...
Rudy La Crioux And The All Stars
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (14 October 2008)
This British rockabilly combo has been playing hot music for 10 years already and have become favourites on the club scene, and "Wild & Pretty" is their only their 4th album in this time. Of course it better to concentrate on quality over quantity - prooved here with their latest release. Here are 14...
Slapbacks, The
Submitted by kitti (19 August 2009)
There are some funny facts about that band: they are quite often (probably by mistake or just that venues want to attract more visitors) are named on posters as a band from Australia… and the second – they quite often are invited for Teddy Boy Festivals. Both facts are quite strange, because this band certainly doesn’t...
Slim Slip & The Sliders
Submitted by rockinev (20 January 2009)
Make no mistake this band rocks. Anyone who has seen their live performances will know that and they have built a well deserved following on the rockin scene. Opening with the title track Go Wild a solid rocker with a great rolling lead guitar riff rumbling through it. I Don't Need You No More ventures...
Star Devils Trio
Submitted by kitti (05 June 2009)
Rockabilly trio from Kentucky, Star Devils, has realeased last year the new album. I have never heard this band before, though they seem to be popular and have played at big festivals like Green Bay, Viva Las Vegas and Hemsby Weekenders. They have their very own style in their music. I would say they have a...
Texabilly Rockets
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (14 March 2007)
Put your dancing shoes on, the new 'Texabilly Rockets' album is here! This latest release from the Portugese quartet is made up from 19 tracks, mostly self penned, but also including such classics like 'All I Can Do Is Cry', 'Stack-A-Records' and Riverside Trio's 'Hold Me, Love Me, Squeeze Me' which they perform brilliantly. Mainly...
The Firebirds
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (15 August 2007)
Fresh from the factory and already available to order this new album of fabulous Doo Wop songs from The Firebirds! The album starts with 'Dance Girl Dance', a cool uptempo track and continues with more and more songs beautifully sung and played by the band. This album is collection mixing together classic and lesser-known songs. ...
The Radium Cats
Submitted by rockinbones (04 May 2007)
The Radium Cats bring together a melting pot of influences from Gene Vincent and the Stray Cats to the Cramps and serves it up in style. Whether boppin' or wreckin' you can't go wrong with Six Feet Down and Well I Knocked and if you don't want robbie Williams playing at your funeral then Pink Hearse...
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