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Finn And The Sharks
Submitted by kitti (04 August 2009)
Here I have got a cd from year 2007 by a fine band from New York, Finn and the Sharks. Playing together more than 30 years, the band have formed their own sound, which unites all American roots music. With this cd you’ll get coctail of blues, rock’n’roll and country… sometimes with some heavy, rock sparkle....
Flaming Combo
Submitted by hankabilly (05 May 2011)
Flaming Combo 120 miles west to Paris France, influenced by the original legends of the 50's as well as by the present time. The opening cover track Gunning For The Dogs say everything what you can expect from this album, teddy boy, rockabilly, Bo Diddley beat, gretch-guitar, double bass etc. The sound is really good they...
Submitted by rockinev (13 November 2012)
Flatfoot are a Swedish four piece outfit, the sample album provided has eight tracks and provides a great insight to the bands style. Rock n roll on the heavy side of rockabilly, strong rhythms and forceful guitars underpin the songs. Pulling the music to the edges of the genre but with enough rockabilly...
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (12 June 2007)
Review by Stu Gibson. Shouldst ye be harkening after more dark-hearted horror/ghoul/vampabilly theatrics then along come Canadians Flesh, fronted by the aforely-mentioned femme fatale, the vamp after your vitals Lili Sweet. Maybe you’ve had your fill of *The Horrorpops* and fellow Candian grave-raiders *The Creepshow* but don’t write off this set of silver-bullet proof B-Movie schlock...
Foggy Mountain Rockers
Submitted by rockinev (05 May 2011)
This is out and out stomping teddy boy rock n roll and a great example of the genre. The six members of the band produce a full, rich sound, with the two guitars, backed with the pounding drums and heavy bass this is sure to get you bopping and jiving in your sneakers and...
Four Points Gang
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (14 March 2007)
Stripped down Raw Rockabilly & Hillbilly Bop trio with their debut release. The Four Points Gang play the original way with no drums - the upright bass and acoustic guitar providing the rhythm and their singer has very unusual voice. Mostly new self-penned songs, except for a Johnny Cash cover rounding off the set....
Four Star Combo, The
Submitted by kitti (06 August 2009)
Self-released promo cd of American band “Four Star Combo” is ready to be judged. Unfortunately it doesn’t have that much information about the band itself (neither myspace profile of this combo); but it has five songs on it, which I would call quite a good promotion. Good recordings and also playing. Two songs “Wait a Minute,...
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (06 June 2007)
Review by Stu Gibson. First time CD, and slick digi-pack at that, issue for this, the only album from neo-rockabilly burn-outs Fractured, originally issued in 1987. Favourites at the infamous London psychobilly night Klub Foot in the early to mid eighties, primarily because their Restless-esque neo-stylings were played so fast, even on record, never...
Full Blown Cherry
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (27 August 2007)
Philadelphia rockabilly band pays tribute to the one of the greatest punk bands of our times 'The Ramones'. The album consist of mainly the biggest hits, but with a new rockin' arrangemnts from the band. Pretty much acoustic sound with a punchy double bass and a guitar that is a joy to listen to. Full...
Gagarin Brothers
Submitted by kitti (19 January 2010)
If you have myspace profile, probably you have recieved friend request from some Gagarin Brothers and even more probably afterwords you got a comment from them, saying “From Russia with Love”. Well, they seem to be a little bit too annoying, but they ARE certainly a very good band. And they didn’t pay me to say...
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