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Jack Rabbit Slim
Submitted by rockinev (19 January 2010)
They’re back with album number 4,twelve new tracks including 11 originals, red hot and smouldering songs that burn their way right through you, this rock n roll is dangerous. The scene today is full of bands doing the same thing; the same covers, ‘the authentic ‘50’s sound’, what JRS do is push the boundaries...
Johnny Burnette & The Rock'n'roll Trio
Submitted by kitti (05 March 2009)
There is nothing to discuss about the music of Johnny Burnette and his Rock’n’Roll Trio, because everybody heard them thousands of times and knows that it is what we call a real rock’n’roll. I want just to mention why exactly this one cd is so special. First of all this El Toro Records release contains 29...
Keytones, The
Submitted by kitti (23 December 2008)
Do you believe in perfection? Do you believe that nowadays you can find a perfect band? To be honest, I didn’t… until I saw The Keytones live in Caddy’s Diner (Holland). The plan was to go out and fool around with my friends (you know - drink some beer or few, have a chat, maybe...
Las Pistolas
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (16 August 2008)
There are dozens of bands playing the Neo-Rockabilly style of music, but many ends up sounding like Psychobilly or even hardcore punkabilly. Well, Las Pistolas are different. The group actually plays really red hot modern sounding rockabilly music, and listening to their debut album I realized how I like that 'classic' neo-rockabilly sound. ...
Lisa George & The Pedalos
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (20 September 2008)
Lisa George has been into 1940s and 50s music for a good while now and some of us know her from Rockin' Rhythm & Blues big band 'The Cat Pack' as well as all girl band 'Helles Bells'. Now the mighty talent of this lady takes her back to performing Rockabilly music once again. ...
Little Esther And Her Tinstars
Submitted by dutch (05 August 2009)
I know Little Esther and the Tinstars already for a very long time. Twenty years ago they had two different acts. Esther sang in The legendary Bugaloos and The Tinstars were rocking their brains out on every party. After Rick and Esther got married and Esther’s career seemed to go slow she hooked up with her...
Mack Self
Submitted by raveonreviews (30 August 2007)
This comprehensive collection covers all of Mack Self’s Sun and Phillips International recordings, and compiles rare tracks for the Zone label including "That Mexican Limbo," and the bittersweet "You Put These Tears in My Eyes." Like the other entries in the Sun Years series, listeners are treated to interesting outtakes that bring us closer to the...
Marti Brom
Submitted by kitti (10 January 2011)
Marti Brom – who doesn’t know her, this charming woman from Texas. She’s got style, she’s got beautiful voice and huge talent – in one word - everything to create a high quality recording. The first opinion you always get is when you see the cd and in this case you see an amazing...
Mississippi Queen
Submitted by juanes (16 January 2012)
This CD almost slipped through! Now that would've been a real shame, 'cause it's a mighty fine record that pleased my ears from the very first time I gave it a spin. Mississippi Queen delivered an excellent album, and every song has been taken care of with lots of passion, enthusiasm, and rock &...
Mississippi Queen
Submitted by juanes (26 January 2012)
Frontman, from the first hour, Karlo Starcevic/singer-songwriter-gitarist and upright bassplayer Jurica Stelma wave goodby to there leadgitarist and with getting Axel Praefcke in the band they did I gues the transfer of there lives. This man, just like recording engineer Ike Store , belongs to the RBR furnitur for centuries. And they are both in big...
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