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Danny B. Harvey
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (01 February 2007)
Seventeen teriffic twangers from rockabilly guitar man Danny B Harvey of such bands as Levi Dexter & the Ripchords, the Rockats, the Swing Cats and 13 Cats. Red hot rockabilly & hillbilly twang....
Darrel Higham
Submitted by Mike_The_Bopper (26 January 2007)
Well the master is back! Darrel of late has been keeping himself busy down at foot tapping studios for quite some time. It's been quite a while now since Darrel's last release, and this one has been in the pipeline for quite some time, well wait no longer, it's here! You'll hear him sing a duet...
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (18 January 2007)
This Canadian band mixes old school psychobilly with more powerful side of the current movement in culture along with the distict raucous voice of their singer. I like the way the band keep that typical sound of guitar from early 80's psychobilly....
Dimaggio Bros.
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (22 July 2007)
This album is just bursting with sweet sound of American music, hot string picking & revved up guitar playing - I can listen to Marco's playing all day long. Several styles get packed in this album, including Johnny Cash and Elvis sounds, which all have one thing in common - a melody. Maybe some tracks...
Drugstore Cowboys
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (01 February 2007)
Power-rockabilly from a superb british band who draw influences from Rev Horton Heat, The Cramps, The Paladins & the Stray Cats. They blend it together, add a heavy dose of their own style and originality, and the result is a totally explosive rock 'n' roll assault....
Dynotones, The
Submitted by rockinev (12 June 2011)
Put this on and strap yourself in tight because this is loud, a blast from start to finish, soaring surf guitar instros, pounding drumming and rumbling bass lines the Dynotones deliver a huge slice of authentic sixties surf / garage that, if it doesn’t excite you then frankly there is no hope! I am not...
Eddie Clendening
Submitted by kitti (13 April 2011)
Eddie Clendening - the name you've probably already heard here and there. And certainly if you have seen him live, you would not forget it. The fresh talented guy from New York creates atmosphere of 1950's just right in front of you. His look, his voice and energy makes your heart beat faster, so probably you...
Finn & The Sharks
Submitted by hankabilly (13 July 2009)
In the late seventies and early eighties, an energetic neo-trend grew up alongside and within the Punk and so-called New Wave Rock ‘n’ Roll scene. It was a revival called Rockabilly and right in the heart of it all was Finn & The Sharks from Nyack NY. They recorded a four song EP entitled "Innercity Rockabilly"...
Finn & The Sharks
Submitted by hankabilly (13 July 2009)
This New York band merges punk, with a Teddy Boy, rockabilly sound. Breakfast Special, released in 2008, contains 18 original recordings from the beginning of the eighties, a more recent version of Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog and a bonus track. The opener Rockabilly Bop is just that: a rockabilly bop song, including background vocals. The second...
Finn & The Sharks
Submitted by hankabilly (20 May 2016)
his New York band merges country, roots Americana, taking in Rockabilly and more. Packed with well crafted original songs, played with precision, and led by a good strong vocal. The guitar playing is a delight, and the upright bass and drums solid. The songwriting is top-notch, mixing moody ballads if you like Chris Isaak...
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