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Tumblin’ Go-go’s, The
Submitted by kitti (06 August 2009)
The fourth album of Dutch band, which calls their own style powerbilly has, in my opinion, more power than billly. Hard sound reminds me more of psycho than rockabilly (oh, it was probably wrong article which describe them as 50s rockabilly band). For those who didn’t meet those guys, I will make fast introduction: the band...
Two Timin' Three
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (26 January 2007)
It's the second album of these red hod texans from Austin. They are playing very melodic and sweet music with a couple of wild rockabilly tunes like gone ape man and payin' the price. This album is a gem and i just coudn't find any faults with it. The guys play beautifully,...
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