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Tumblin’ Go-go’s, The
Submitted by kitti (06 August 2009)
The fourth album of Dutch band, which calls their own style powerbilly has, in my opinion, more power than billly. Hard sound reminds me more of psycho than rockabilly (oh, it was probably wrong article which describe them as 50s rockabilly band). For those who didn’t meet those guys, I will make fast introduction: the band...
V8 Rumble
Submitted by spanner69 (21 April 2007)
V8 Rumble rockabilly band feature.... Steve Medler ( Big Black Cadillac ) on Slap Bass Wayne Beauchamp ( Shock Therapy ) on Guitar and Vocals Adam Kirlew ( Speed Kings ) on stand-up Drums This is a great Album with a mix of 80s Rockabilly, Psychobilly and some new tracks in a rockabilly style. The...
Submitted by kitti (28 September 2010)
What else can present festival besides photos? Absolutely right! The music, or to be more precise - the bands, which play at the festival. That's why after our long summer vacation I have chosen exactly that sort of cd. Now my cd player is busy with spinning Walldorf Weekend "record". For some of you...
Various Artists
Submitted by greaser69 (06 November 2007)
For a lot of young people Country Music is or was some kind of shit for Rednecks or old farts. If someone has changed this then it is Johnny Cash. In the last years before his death he had done something like no other Artist before: To bring young people to listen to Country Music. Especially...
Vince Ray
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (18 January 2007)
A Rockabilly Rampage from the lowbrow legend. His first solo album without the Vincent Razorbacks is packed full of rompin' stompin' Rockabilly Psychosis with Gretsch guitar and thumpin' upright bass aplenty. Deranged Ray originals sit alongside riotous renditions of songs you'll know originally by Vince Taylor, The Cramps and Peanuts Wilson. What's more, you get a...
Vincent Razorbacks
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (24 February 2007)
The Vincent Razorbacks return with eleven blistering tunes of punk rock ''n'' roll mayhem! The cannibal pot is full to the brim with a mix of savage voodoo rhythms, walls of fuzztone guitars, rockabilly hollerin' and the titanic twang of Vince Ray's big black Gretsch! An eight page booklet includes Vince Ray illustrations for each...
Vincent Razorbacks
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (18 January 2007)
Skull bustin' Punk Rock 'n' Roll from legendary low brow artist Vince Ray and his band. Ever wondered what his artwork sounds like? Pick up a copy of his book, put this CD on and take a trip into the weird world of Vince Ray....a world of living dead voodoo dolls, maniacal serial killers and twisted,...
Voodoo Devils
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (18 January 2007)
The Voodoo Devils spew forth their brand new album of deadly, disease-ridden Psychobilly Stomp. The pounding voodoo Drums, thumpin' slap bass and psychotic guitar licks kick in from the opening seconds of 'Voodoo Dust' and don't let up through this hard-rockin' Hellbilly Riot that'll leave you exhausted and begging for more. 'More' is packed full Voodoo...
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