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Various Artists
Submitted by rockin_bird (16 March 2009)
El Toro Records has produced a brand new Collectors Choice series, which has two volumes by now and include rare 1950’s recorded material, which you can find only on 45’s, 75’s and acetates. Sure it is not the same as vinyl, but, you should agree, sometimes cds are just more convenient. The first volume is called...
Various Artists
Submitted by rockinev (08 May 2009)
This has to be one of the best value CD's I have bought in years, 2 discs, 60 songs over 2 hours of some of the best rockin tracks your likely to hear for less than 10GBP!! This CD is excellently put together, containing some very well known tracks from the Chess, Checker lables and...
Various Artists
Submitted by kitti (05 July 2009)
It is a compilation of energy, power and speed. Different bands (you all can get simple introduction of them in “kind of” applied booklet) with very different styles (old and neo rockabilly, westerng swing, rock’n’roll, spicy mix of everything…) and from different countries (USA, Australia, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Greece…) are united for the musical race. All...
Various Artists
Submitted by kitti (25 October 2009)
“Rollin’ The Rock” is the next volume of fine Texas Rockabilly, which follows compilation “Real Cool Cats”, released three years earlier (in 2006). The “lineup of show” includes Ray Campi, Mac Curtis, Alvis Wayne, Sid King and Johnny Carrol. Besides living in Texas and making hits in 1950’s, they have one more thing in common –...
Various Artists
Submitted by kitti (07 December 2009)
This year the second volume of rhythm’n blues series of El Toro Records was released. It has excellent collection (28 tracks of 28 different performers) of rockin’ compositions from late 40’s and early 50’s from Decca, Atlantic, Columbia, King, RCA Victor, and many other record companies. What is so special about this compilation? It...
Various Artists
Submitted by rockinev (24 March 2010)
As the title states this is the 4th volume of this ongoing series from Western Star, run by Sharks bass players Alan Wilson the studio records some of the best in contemporary Rockabilly and Pyschobilly around and these albums and their Pysco partners provide an excellent sample of their work. This collection brings together highlights...
Various Artists
Submitted by rockinev (13 November 2012)
Rockabilly Burn Out is a compilation put together in support of Rockabilly Hall of Fame. It has 24 excellent tracks and includes some fine artists of the current rockin scene, from both the US and Europe including Carlos & Bandilos, R J & The Tri Tones, Texabilly Rockets, Levi Dexter, Art Adams, Mars Attacks the...
Voodoo Devils
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (18 January 2007)
The Voodoo Devils spew forth their brand new album of deadly, disease-ridden Psychobilly Stomp. The pounding voodoo Drums, thumpin' slap bass and psychotic guitar licks kick in from the opening seconds of 'Voodoo Dust' and don't let up through this hard-rockin' Hellbilly Riot that'll leave you exhausted and begging for more. 'More' is packed full Voodoo...
Voodoo Kings
Submitted by voodoo10 (29 May 2015)
Not to detract from anyone else, not to pour praise on any one of the band above the others, but this album wouldn’t be half the album it is without the utterly fantastic slap double bass that drives it onwards, upwards and towards a rock’n’roll bequiffed fantastic sound. The drums compliment it completely, subtle and...
Warren Scott & The Memphis Playboys
Submitted by rockinev (22 May 2009)
Well I have to say that I have been very fortunate lately to acquire some excellent CD's and this is no exception. This is a relatively new band on the scene having only gigged about a half a dozen times, however the guys will be familiar to you, for Warren Scott is non other than...
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