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Honeybees, The
Submitted by kitti (07 February 2009)
Are you a bit tired of this energetic sound and tearing up voices? Do you need some warm and cosy feeling which only a woman can bring in rockabilly music? Then I have here something for you. The Honeybees with their last album “Hive Jive” will surround you with a special “honey” sound and dip you...
Various Artists
Submitted by rockin_bird (10 February 2009)
The Rockin’South was released by Ace Records, whose records capture the biggest part of all rock’n’roll records stalls and shops. Most of those cds are suprisingly good. Probably because it is somehow collecting the best songs of the best artists, and this way making out of Ace a big name. The compilation has 30...
Submitted by hankabilly (19 February 2009)
This Swedish band started out as The Driving Wheels in 1983. Three or four years later, they changed the band name to Crestlers. You crack me up was recorded in a living room throughout 2002. After the album had been mixed and mastered in March 2003, it came out in 2004 on Caine Rock music. The...
Submitted by hankabilly (19 February 2009)
This latest CD by the Swedish Crestlers came out in 2007 on Caine Rock music. With only 7 hardcore psychobilly rock songs on it, the album starts loud and fast with Silicon Confidence. This no horseshit, high-octane track in Ramones style is followed by a piano-laced, down and dirty Rock’n’Roll song. Having nothing to do with...
Jerry Fuller
Submitted by raveonreviews (23 February 2009)
Jerry Fuller involvement in the music business is vast. A producer, performer and also a superb songwriter, he also discovered such talents ranging from Gary Puckett to Collin Raye. This set covers Fuller’s seven-year stretch on Hollywood’s Challenge label. Fuller’s stylings are eclectic, everything from the Northern Soul sound of the title track “Double Life,” PF...
Submitted by kitti (28 February 2009)
Let’s imagine, you are home with a beautiful woman by your side. A nice and cosy, candle light fills the room. You need music. Jazz? - No, not exacly your thing. Rock’n’roll? No, too wild for that kind of evening. Blues? No, you are certainly more in rock’n’roll. Still thinking? Well, probably then you don’t have...
Johnny Burnette & The Rock'n'roll Trio
Submitted by kitti (05 March 2009)
There is nothing to discuss about the music of Johnny Burnette and his Rock’n’Roll Trio, because everybody heard them thousands of times and knows that it is what we call a real rock’n’roll. I want just to mention why exactly this one cd is so special. First of all this El Toro Records release contains 29...
Del Moroccos, The
Submitted by kitti (08 March 2009)
Hey guys, I have some hot stuff for you! See the cover of The Del Moroccos new cd "Blue Black Hair", and you will understand what I mean. That sexy "mean looking mama" not only looks like that, but has a voice that really has a "lot of estrogen" in it. Naughty, confident, a little bit...
Various Artists
Submitted by rockin_bird (16 March 2009)
El Toro Records has produced a brand new Collectors Choice series, which has two volumes by now and include rare 1950’s recorded material, which you can find only on 45’s, 75’s and acetates. Sure it is not the same as vinyl, but, you should agree, sometimes cds are just more convenient. The first volume is called...
Tip Top Trio, The
Submitted by kitti (22 March 2009)
I have another band to introduce to you - The Tip Top Trio from Sacramento (California) with their debut studio CD album. I like the way they are doing promotion. Introduction letter (neat and clear), bio, high quality band picture, cd's – everything the advertising package must include. But, it is not advertising of band, but...
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