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Submitted by rockabilly_girl (12 June 2007)
Review by Stu Gibson. Undoubtedly the primo neo-rockabilly band this collection showcases the supreme song-craft and slinky string upholstery that Mark Harman carved out of Rockabilly, eschewing the rough-cut corn-chewing of the more authentic-centred bands for streamlined urbanity, keeping the taut tension and twitching livewire energy in the tensile Telecaster that he’s carried onto The Space...
Submitted by rockinev (13 November 2012)
It's hard to beleive that in one form or another Restless have been at the forefront of the rockin scene for over 30 years! Makes me feel old, but then when you play this loud you'll be forever 19. Now in a steady line up of brothers Mark and Paul Harman and Rob Tyler...
Robert Gordon
Submitted by dcltrueleft (29 February 2016)
As an RG fan who first heard The Voice on 1975's "Live at CBGB's" double LP, I couldn't be happier with this disc - a strapping reaffirmation of supremacy. Robert has for years percolated on undersung releases (like 2006 Last Call disc "Rockin the Paradiso," and 2007's "It's Now or Never," on Rykodisc.) For...
Robert Gordon
Submitted by dcltrueleft (29 February 2016)
(A quick note: Some call this an "unauthorized bootleg," none of whose sales profits go to Robert Gordon. On the other hand, I've been assured that the tapes were in fact paid for, and that release is entirely proper. I understand players depend on music sales for their livelihood, and I don't wish to...
Robert Gordon & Chris Spedding
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (28 May 2007)
REVIEW by Arjan Deelen, Denmark. Robert Gordon doing Elvis Presley sounds like a natural. People have been asking for it since Robert's Private Stock days, but Robert was always afraid of being tagged another "impersonator". Over the years, he has sporadically done Elvis covers, and they served as tantalising glimpses of what we could expect...
Rockin Bonnie & The Rot Gut Shots
Submitted by rockinev (14 December 2009)
This is an album that I have been looking forward to for two years now. Ever since witnessing Rockin Bonnie’s debut at the Rockabilly Rave in 2007, when they completely took the entire place by surprise with an absolutely superb set, that in my mind still rates as one of the best I have seen anywhere....
Rockin' Henri
Submitted by kitti (15 March 2008)
The brand new debut CD of Rockin' Henri is finally released at Swiss Label TCY Records. It contains 29 (!) songs and 26 of them are written by Henri himself. The cover songs are “Santa’s Got Your Letter” (composed by Bob Burgos) and “The Night Comes To an End” (by Rene Shuman and Angle-Eye), and...
Root Bootleg Band
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (25 January 2007)
Absolutely excellent rock 'n' roll band covering a variety of style from rockin' blues to wild rockabilly. The playing is impeccable, and the production perfect - crisp and powerful, yet authentic enough to bring out the best in this fabulous band. This 4-piece give us 19 rockin' tracks with some stunning guitar playing, tight and solid...
Round Up Boys
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (08 May 2007)
The popular German quartet from Berlin return with a 14 song album which has two different sides - straight forward rockabilly and uptempo Rock 'n' Roll saxophone spiced up blasters like "Looking For You", "Restless Me Jealous You" and "Struck By Lightning". A couple of songs are included which a different side to The...
Roy Kay Trio, The
Submitted by kitti (24 October 2009)
Finally I could find time and make review of Roy Kay Trio 4th cd. It is in a digipack and I love the cover (very good design… original, simple and very clear… just like rockabilly songs). First of all I want to say that I like this band a lot and already for a long...
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