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Moonlight Trio
Submitted by rockinev (05 November 2012)
A rattling little album from a Mexican Ė American combo mixing English and Spanish language and rhythm rockabilly and latin beats. Only six tracks on this promo disc but you can hear more on the Myspace page. A great sound is produced here a good cover of Nothin Shakin rocks along nicely as does the...
Mystery Gang
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (24 April 2007)
The third album of the Hungarian rockabilly band with 10 songs which are all self penned, and often have a sleazy bluesy feel to them. Something you could hear in smokey bar, wth people deancing weird dances without any fear of embarrassing themselves. Modern recording, powerful revved-up lead guitar and special effects on vocals...
Mystery Train
Submitted by kitti (15 June 2010)
The Mystery Train was officially born 30 years ago (in 1980), even though the guys started playing together three years before that. As it usually happens, the members were changing, but the bass player (Ari Hanninen) stayed in the band all the time. Singles and EPís were realeased during bandís musical life and finally...
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (24 April 2007)
A young Mexican rockabilly band who deliver their music with a lots of energy and wild rhythms. Nicotynas mix rockabilly with psychobilly and neo-rockabilly, all featuring stand-out lead guitar and punchy rhythm guitar, played by Wadalupe, the only girl in an otherwise all male group. Still she gets to sing a few songs. I...
Obscuritone, The
Submitted by rockinev (10 September 2013)
The first full length album from the London based rockin outfit released on their own lable. Full of energy drive and fire this album bursts into life from track one and never lets up. It actually contains several of the same titles as their E.P reviewed previously. However the newer material is spot on, H...
Obscuritones, The
Submitted by rockinev (04 March 2012)
The Obscuritones describe themselves as the Andrew Sisters singing with the Stray Cats after a night out with the Cramps, so when I came to listen to this I was expecting something a bit different. Thatís exactly what you get, rockabilly classics mixed with surf and garage to produce a rather unique sound they...
Omar Romero
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (29 January 2007)
He's adored my many rockabilly fans for his wild concert appearances and even wilder music. This album is the third release from him, but the first under his full name. Straight forward rockabilly with loud and raw guitar sounds all the way, in places very similar to the paul burlison sound from the...
Pat Capocci
Submitted by catzy (18 August 2013)
Australians are coming strong this year. Pat Capocci is one of the best and hard working guitarists at the scene. His brand new Call Of The Wild CD has got 14 killer tracks, all of them originals!!! They vary from pure wild rockabilly to stylish western swing with finger picking guitar. In some songs Pat's guitar...
Submitted by kitti (01 December 2009)
RJ's album starts with "Move Around", a song I know best by Groovey Joe Poovey, not sure if that was the original though. Great song with not too many re-do's over the years. Fabulous music, especially the guitar, by The Neva River Rockets. Next is a classic from the singing DJ "Big Bopper" (Jape Richardson). Very...
R.j. And The Phantoms
Submitted by kitti (20 August 2007)
So what's the rumor? Let me tell you the story... Hans Nelemans (aka Reuben James or RJ) from Red Shots and Russian rockabilly band the Phantoms met for the first time at Valga Cruisin' (Estonia) in July 2004. The guys were impressed with each others performances and after some visits by RJ to Saint-Petersburg...
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