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Rebel Beat
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (14 March 2007)
Rebel Beat is the only film to document Los Angeles' original underground music : L.A. Rockabilly. This sexy, lo-fi, vintage rock style spans the cowboy rockers of the 1950s, the Rockabilly revivalists of the 80s, and today's Mexi-Billy stars. Featuring music from The Paladins, Big Sandy, Ray Campi, Rockin' Ryan, Rip Carson, Omar Romero, The Moonlight...
Rebels Revenge / Foggy Mountain Rockers
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (15 August 2007)
A live album featuring perfomances of two top Teddy Boy style Rock 'n' Roll bands. One wild gig, 25 songs with plenty of guitar twanging and rockin' double bass. The live atmosphere gives all the songs a special edge, that little bit extra that makes live concerts the best place to be for rockin'...
Red Peters Meets Big Boy Bloater
Submitted by Mike_The_Bopper (26 January 2007)
Now here's a little gem that doesn't pop up that often.. The last of the Red Hot Mama's, Red Peters meets up with that great big hunk of man.. Big Boy Bloater to give you one of the best mini swingin' rhythm & blues albums around. This six track disc was again pressed at spindrift...
Reno Brothers
Submitted by dutch (19 October 2008)
After the amazing great bopping CD single “Born To Party” 2000, “Live at the Cruise Inn” 2002 (together with Mischief) and “Six Years On The Road And Movin’ On” 2005. This is the fourth CD where the Reno’s appeared on and a lot of people are waiting for. The last four years the band...
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (25 January 2007)
With 'Do Your Thing' Restless are back to their original line-up of Mark Harman, one of the world's best rockin' guitar players, together with Paul Harman on upright bass and Ben Booper on drums.
This new, expended version includes an extra track, and is smartly packed in a digipack style case....
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (12 June 2007)
Review by Stu Gibson. Undoubtedly the primo neo-rockabilly band this collection showcases the supreme song-craft and slinky string upholstery that Mark Harman carved out of Rockabilly, eschewing the rough-cut corn-chewing of the more authentic-centred bands for streamlined urbanity, keeping the taut tension and twitching livewire energy in the tensile Telecaster that he’s carried onto The Space...
Submitted by rockinev (13 November 2012)
It's hard to beleive that in one form or another Restless have been at the forefront of the rockin scene for over 30 years! Makes me feel old, but then when you play this loud you'll be forever 19. Now in a steady line up of brothers Mark and Paul Harman and Rob Tyler...
Submitted by kitti (20 September 2009)
In 2007 Blue Lake Records released 10” vinyl of rock’n’roll band from Switzerland Rewinders, which is called “Meanwhile Back in The Swamp”. It is “two-styled”. The Swamp Side gives you a bluesy lazy feeling with rhythm and blues accent. The River Side rushes you into rock’n’roll. So depending on the mood you can...
Rick Nelson
Submitted by raveonreviews (11 April 2008)
A requisite follow-up to the 2001 set Ricky Nelson - The American Dream, which covered his Verve, Challenge and Imperial sides, this 6-CD set covers Nelson’s 1963-1969 stint with Decca. This period yielded such Top 40 hits as “String Along,” a cover of a 1940’s hit for Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey and Tony Martin “Fool’s Rush...
Robert Gordon
Submitted by dcltrueleft (29 February 2016)
As an RG fan who first heard The Voice on 1975's "Live at CBGB's" double LP, I couldn't be happier with this disc - a strapping reaffirmation of supremacy. Robert has for years percolated on undersung releases (like 2006 Last Call disc "Rockin the Paradiso," and 2007's "It's Now or Never," on Rykodisc.) For...
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