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Noisy Boys
Submitted by kitti (29 March 2009)
If you are organizing a rock’n’roll show and have a place for one more band, I would recommend The Noisy Boys from Switzerland. I have never seen them before live, but if they sound the same like on their last cd “What’s Damn Wrong?”, it is really the good band for a party. There are...
Obscuritone, The
Submitted by rockinev (10 September 2013)
The first full length album from the London based rockin outfit released on their own lable. Full of energy drive and fire this album bursts into life from track one and never lets up. It actually contains several of the same titles as their E.P reviewed previously. However the newer material is spot on, H...
Omar Romero
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (29 January 2007)
He's adored my many rockabilly fans for his wild concert appearances and even wilder music. This album is the third release from him, but the first under his full name. Straight forward rockabilly with loud and raw guitar sounds all the way, in places very similar to the paul burlison sound from the...
Submitted by hankabilly (06 July 2017)
The Playboys were a rockabilly-influenced garage band from Pine Bluff, Arkansas who recorded in Memphis a single named "Baby Doll” under the name Magnificent Seven for Vee-Eight Records in 1962. The record company did’t feel comfortable with the band name Playboys on the record so they came up with the Magnificent Seven instead, the...
Quarter Mile Combo
Submitted by kitti (13 January 2010)
The first full-length cd of Californian rock’n’roll band ¼ Mile Combo was released last year. The guys started the band in 2004, but the lineup (as it is now) became complete two years later, when Nettie Hammar, the lead singer, joined the band. So three years of proper work and here they are: 12 self-penned tracks,...
Ragged Bones
Submitted by rockinev (05 January 2012)
Hailing from Stockholm- Sweden Ragged Bones are a Rockabilly trio with their roots firmly in the ‘80’s ‘Neo’ & ‘Physco’ scenes. There is a stripped back and raw feel to their 6 self composed numbers on this debut disc, the notes provided by the band indicate that they have shared the stage with the likes of...
Ravenna & The Magnectics
Submitted by rockinev (26 July 2012)
Ok so first off I must say that this recent release from Part is actually a reissue of two classic albums from this US band that was at the forefront of the US revival scene in the early 1980's. They recorded these tracks for the now ledgendary Rollin Rock label with Ronny Weiser. To put...
Ray Campi
Submitted by rockinev (10 September 2013)
What can I say about Ray Campi absolute legend! Says it all really, if you don't know much about him then frankly where have you been, if you are genuinely new to the rockabilly scene then this album is a great addition to start your collection. Part records have started to re release the classic...
Ray Campi / Charlie Gracie
Submitted by dcltrueleft (29 February 2016)
Ray Campi "Still Rippin' (Rattler) Charlie Gracie "Angel On My Shoulder" (Lanark) It's reassuring to reflect that as long as golden-age rock'n'rollers are still trodding studios and stages, something that makes this world special endures and will always be accessible to us. Money in the bank, as goes the phrase. But when you...
Reach Around Rodeo Clowns
Submitted by dcltrueleft (29 February 2016)
Unfortunately, terms like "inventive," "refreshing," and "clever" have too often been used to describe musicians not nearly as worthy of their imprint as is Quentin Jones. Those already fans of the man's red hot-gunning guitar-play -- with, most recently, Charlie Gracie, Robert Gordon, and the Rockats, as well as his own RARC -- know him...
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