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Submitted by rockabilly_girl (09 April 2007)
12 songs of Red Hot Rockabilly, Jive and Setzer style guitar licks! All the lirycs are in Russian language, but a few melodies you may recognize from popular songs like 'All I Can Do Is Cry' and 'Americano'... They cover the song 'Wild Cat' by legendary Russian Rockabillies 'Mister Twister', and have done a...
Bo Walton
Submitted by rockinev (23 February 2012)
This is an album of modern commercial, radio friendly, finely crafted rock n roll / country tunes. Do not expect wild sounding rockabilly or a pastiche of 50’s rock n roll. Bo and his team have cleverly put together a collection that while it remains steeped in the roots of the rock n roll genre...
Bottle Rockets
Submitted by kitti (05 February 2011)
At first some information about the band. Bottle Rockets are playing together already for about 8 years and finally last year they were ready to release their first album which is called “She’s My Girl”; their website was not easy to find via google, because some popular American rock band was popping out anytime I tried...
Brian Setzer
Submitted by Mike_The_Bopper (26 January 2007)
Guitar slinging crooner Brian Setzer has done it again! Brian's latest pocket rocket has only recently been released in the uk and is set to take on the record stores by storm. This particular album is rockabilly throughout with a modern edge, and a hint of country twang, and if you listen carefully you'll also hear...
Buck Stevens
Submitted by bopperer (19 December 2009)
As much as I have heard new and not-so-new rockabilly artists, strangely enough name of Buck Stevens has never brushed past my ears. That's why I was quite surprised to find out this guy isn't a brand-new artist at all, since he has already three albums in his discography, two of them recorded in 2004-2006 at...
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (26 January 2007)
21 track retrospective of the first 10 years of one of America's best and most unique psychobilly bands. Their furious brand of psychobilly is infused with strong mexican flavours, blended with high-speed rockabilly, and topped off with a relentless barrage of voodoo rhythms. This collection reaches right back to their rare and out of print first...
Cari Lee & The Contenders
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (26 January 2007)
Magnificent rock 'n' roll and jumpin' rhythm & blues with a rockin' and swingin' beat. Fine vocals from Cari Lee (also known for fronting Hillbilly Boppers the Saddle-Ites) with an equally fine bunch of rockin' musicians....
Carl And The Rhythm All Stars
Submitted by kitti (01 September 2007)
I want to invite you on a journey down the traditional rockabilly "river" with the debut CD of Carl and the Rhythm All Stars. Just insert this CD and close your eyes - from the first tune you will feel the stream bringing you to the roots of rock'n'roll. The double bass (Renaud Cans)...
Carlos Jiménez
Submitted by kitti (13 August 2009)
The cover of Carloss Jiménez, unfortunately, is not that informative, though from the whole design you can recognize that it must be a Spanish singer. But let’s get in and listen if the soul is having something in common with the look. The first opinion is that the recordings are too raw and need...
Submitted by Mike_The_Bopper (26 January 2007)
Let me introduce you to one of Norway's hardest hitting teddy boy style bands on today's rockin' circuit. The Cascadez! The Cascadez are a three piece band, and this, their 4th CD is as hard as they come.. 16 non stop ass kickin' tracks that will have you boppin' all over the house! Tracks such as...
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