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Chris Isaak
Submitted by rockinev (30 January 2012)
Stunning! I think that is the only way to introduce this album, Chris Isaak has recorded probably the finest Rockabilly album that we are likely to hear for a long time. The sleeve notes state that this is an album Chris has wanted to record his whole life, it has been labour of love,...
Chris Sprague
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (13 April 2008)
Twangin' 'n' Truckin' Country Music sounds from multi-instumentalist Chris Sprague, well known on the Roots & Rockabilly scene as a member of The Sprague Brothers and Deke Dickerson's Ecco-Fonics. This solo-album has a truck-driving theme mixing his excellent original songs with rockin' truckin' covers like "Roll On Big Mama" and "Eastbound And Down". Featuring a host...
Chuy & The Bobcats
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (26 January 2007)
Wild Californian cats playing straight forward 50's style rockabilly. They had two tracks featured on the "wildest" compilation. The albums starts with hard headed woman, self-penned song, which sets your for the mood to rock and bop. Memorable Chuy's vocal and powerfull guitar will keep you busy dancing all night. Look...
Chuy And The Bobcats
Submitted by rob (17 March 2008)
13 of the wildest rockin' tracks you'll hear! Total attitude raw, powerful and dangerous. Totally all you want from wild promotions. Love what their putting out with others such as omar romero, santos dusty chance etc. Great boppers, brilliant....
Clint Bradley
Submitted by dcltrueleft (29 February 2016)
Gentle-voiced Clint knows well his way around winsome western airs of the sort that Marty Robbins rode to the trail's high end. And that he ambles good-naturedly, an occasional bounce in his giddy-up, allows the appropriately mainly acoustic players to stretch and interpret at hand-tooled leisure. A relaxing satisfaction. Recommended "Riding After Midnight," "Six Strings,"...
Contessa & The Squires
Submitted by hankabilly (01 October 2016)
Batman must get one of Joker's bombs away so stomp the bomb! This EP have 4 original tracks, miss Contessa from Italy on vocals, Influenced by 60's surf acts garage-beat-Cramps. First song is about to sing and dance a happy tune, seconds song about the famous 50ís car. The other 2 tracks are mod a go...
Cousin Harley
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (26 January 2007)
Cousin Harley is a three piece roots/rockabilly band from Canada. This album is consist of 15 mainly self penned songs. The tracks are filled with revved-up gretch licks and raw vocals. This album reminds me Setzer or rhh style of rockabilly, very well played and great lyrics. An album which will...
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (18 January 2007)
This brilliant British rockabilly band is back with an awesome new album. It was recorded on authentic 50s equipment with a sound oh so sweet and real - the proper sound guys! Their music and well-penned songs will blow your mind and will change your opinion on modern bands who play 50s style rockabilly...
Crazy Rocket Surfers
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (29 January 2007)
First full-length album from a psychobilly 4-piece who have a rockin' psychobilly sound with thumpin' slap-bass throughout. Their songs are infused with a sense of fun, and sound like every live show would be a party....
Submitted by hankabilly (19 February 2009)
This latest CD by the Swedish Crestlers came out in 2007 on Caine Rock music. With only 7 hardcore psychobilly rock songs on it, the album starts loud and fast with Silicon Confidence. This no horseshit, high-octane track in Ramones style is followed by a piano-laced, down and dirty RockíníRoll song. Having nothing to do with...
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