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Submitted by mbarlin (29 May 2015)
These 2 books are a gold mine of classic, rockabilly guitar solos written in tablature and standard notation and include accompanying MP3 audio files. The books cover a wide range of solos but the main protagonists are Cliff Gallup and Grady Martin. The solos include B-I Bickey Bi Bo Bo Go, Who Slapped John?, Lonesome...
777 (triple Seven)
Submitted by rockinev (11 November 2011)
A brash young band who’s sound owes more to the ‘80’s neo scene and Brian Setzer than the original ‘50’s artists, their mission to bring rockabilly kicking and screaming to a younger audience. The overall sound is pretty good on this album and it makes fair car radio listening, the opening My Guitar is strong...
Al Willis And The New Swingsters
Submitted by kitti (11 August 2009)
Let’s get right to the point: this is one of the finest modern recordings I have heard lately. To be honest, when I saw the statement New Band, New Album on the new Crazy Times record label, I was quite in a critical mood already before listening. Cd cover is very good looking and professionally...
Al Willis And The New Swingsters
Submitted by rockinev (09 May 2013)
Al Willis and the New Swingsters release a 4 track EP of short sharp rockabilly. Stripped back trio that does everything it needs too to create an authentic acoustic feel that takes you back to where this stuff began in the mid fifties. This is why rockabilly works three musicians can make such a...
All Gator & His Real Hot Reptile Rockers
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (29 January 2007)
Wild rock 'n' roll and rockin' blues from Ali Gator, otherwise known as Ray collins (of Hot Club fame). it's much rawer and wilder than his Hot Club albums - but is equally as excellent. Powerful and lively, these action-packed cuts sound fantastic with with their period-perfect primitive recording style which suits the raw 'n' rockin'...
Submitted by rockinev (12 June 2011)
Backdraft a four piece Rock n Roll outfit from Germany have a long pedigree in the scene with members coming from such notable bands as the Foggy Mountain Rockers, Lou Cifer And The Hellions, The Wildcats, 57 Fairlane, (Ronnie Nightingale And The Haydocks. They have put together an album of well selected and well produced songs....
Ben Cooper
Submitted by rockinev (05 August 2008)
This is a solo project from one of the founding members of Restless, and does just as the title sugests. This is a real neo-rockabilly sound, pounding slap bass with a tight cutting guitar, the musianship is excellent throughout. If you grew up with the neo scene of the 80's you'll love this, however if you...
Big Boy Bloater & His Southside Stompers
Submitted by Mike_The_Bopper (25 January 2007)
Well what can I say about an album that far surpassed all my expectations? I've seen Bloater in action on numerous occasions, and both he and his band never seem to fail when it comes to hitting that right note. Well this time, they've shot straight to the moon and back with this monster hit album!...
Big Heat
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (01 February 2007)
The Big Heat are eight-piece rhythm & blues outfit who have rapidly become one of the UK's mightiest music machines. The pump out jumpin', swingin', red hot & rockin' jump blues - their style taken from late 1940s and '50s - the prime time of rhythm & blues. the Big Heat's foundation stone is the solid...
Billy Harlan
Submitted by rockinev (05 November 2012)
Billy Harlan, recorded a handful of tunes in the ‘50’s as with many of the original artists still performing none of these were hits and some were not even released, however by the way of ‘70’s re releases most of us are familiar with ‘ I Wanna Bop’ a classic stroller played at events world wide....
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