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Dynotones, The
Submitted by rockinev (12 June 2011)
Put this on and strap yourself in tight because this is loud, a blast from start to finish, soaring surf guitar instros, pounding drumming and rumbling bass lines the Dynotones deliver a huge slice of authentic sixties surf / garage that, if it doesn’t excite you then frankly there is no hope! I am not...
Mick Wigfall & The Toxics
Submitted by rockinev (05 January 2012)
Mick Wigfall and the Toxics, when this CD arrived I was eager to hear it, Mick has a long pedigree in the rockin world going back to the Guanabatz days of the ‘80’s via a long stint with Darrell Higham and the Enforcers and many other top artists of this and other genres. I must say...
Paul Paterson
Submitted by rockinev (02 November 2008)
Paul paterson is a busy man, not only is he a member of 'Union Avenue' the excellent Johnny cash sounding band, and the hard rockin Hi Voltage, he has had time to record this solo album. It is hard to classify the album by genre as it covers so many, but surf/guitar is most prominent....
Submitted by hankabilly (06 July 2017)
The Playboys were a rockabilly-influenced garage band from Pine Bluff, Arkansas who recorded in Memphis a single named "Baby Doll” under the name Magnificent Seven for Vee-Eight Records in 1962. The record company did’t feel comfortable with the band name Playboys on the record so they came up with the Magnificent Seven instead, the...
Submitted by hankabilly (05 May 2011)
The Untamed have prepared another journey into the darker sides of human behavior with the album Delicious Death. Recorded live in two sessions, at Delta Lab Studio and in the dark basement of Aelwiz Studios/Kizio Studio, in 5 days. Songs of murder and evil women, of death and dying and of crime. This...
Vince Ray
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (18 January 2007)
A Rockabilly Rampage from the lowbrow legend. His first solo album without the Vincent Razorbacks is packed full of rompin' stompin' Rockabilly Psychosis with Gretsch guitar and thumpin' upright bass aplenty. Deranged Ray originals sit alongside riotous renditions of songs you'll know originally by Vince Taylor, The Cramps and Peanuts Wilson. What's more, you get a...
Vincent Razorbacks
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (24 February 2007)
The Vincent Razorbacks return with eleven blistering tunes of punk rock ''n'' roll mayhem! The cannibal pot is full to the brim with a mix of savage voodoo rhythms, walls of fuzztone guitars, rockabilly hollerin' and the titanic twang of Vince Ray's big black Gretsch! An eight page booklet includes Vince Ray illustrations for each...
Vincent Razorbacks
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (18 January 2007)
Skull bustin' Punk Rock 'n' Roll from legendary low brow artist Vince Ray and his band. Ever wondered what his artwork sounds like? Pick up a copy of his book, put this CD on and take a trip into the weird world of Vince Ray....a world of living dead voodoo dolls, maniacal serial killers and twisted,...
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