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Submitted by kitti (01 December 2009)
RJ's album starts with "Move Around", a song I know best by Groovey Joe Poovey, not sure if that was the original though. Great song with not too many re-do's over the years. Fabulous music, especially the guitar, by The Neva River Rockets. Next is a classic from the singing DJ "Big Bopper" (Jape Richardson). Very...
R.j. And The Phantoms
Submitted by kitti (20 August 2007)
So what's the rumor? Let me tell you the story... Hans Nelemans (aka Reuben James or RJ) from Red Shots and Russian rockabilly band the Phantoms met for the first time at Valga Cruisin' (Estonia) in July 2004. The guys were impressed with each others performances and after some visits by RJ to Saint-Petersburg...
Ragged Bones
Submitted by rockinev (05 January 2012)
Hailing from Stockholm- Sweden Ragged Bones are a Rockabilly trio with their roots firmly in the ‘80’s ‘Neo’ & ‘Physco’ scenes. There is a stripped back and raw feel to their 6 self composed numbers on this debut disc, the notes provided by the band indicate that they have shared the stage with the likes of...
Randy Rich And The Poor Boys
Submitted by kitti (04 June 2008)
After three years of touring and playing, Randy Rich and his Poor Boys got inspiration and released (on Rhythm Bomb Records) this wonderful CD. I liked it immediately as soon as CD player gave out the first tune. What a joy! Difficult to believe that this band exists now, right away you have got feeling of...
Ravenna & The Magnectics
Submitted by rockinev (26 July 2012)
Ok so first off I must say that this recent release from Part is actually a reissue of two classic albums from this US band that was at the forefront of the US revival scene in the early 1980's. They recorded these tracks for the now ledgendary Rollin Rock label with Ronny Weiser. To put...
Ray Campi
Submitted by rockinev (10 September 2013)
What can I say about Ray Campi absolute legend! Says it all really, if you don't know much about him then frankly where have you been, if you are genuinely new to the rockabilly scene then this album is a great addition to start your collection. Part records have started to re release the classic...
Ray Campi / Charlie Gracie
Submitted by dcltrueleft (29 February 2016)
Ray Campi "Still Rippin' (Rattler) Charlie Gracie "Angel On My Shoulder" (Lanark) It's reassuring to reflect that as long as golden-age rock'n'rollers are still trodding studios and stages, something that makes this world special endures and will always be accessible to us. Money in the bank, as goes the phrase. But when you...
Reach Around Rodeo Clowns
Submitted by dcltrueleft (29 February 2016)
Unfortunately, terms like "inventive," "refreshing," and "clever" have too often been used to describe musicians not nearly as worthy of their imprint as is Quentin Jones. Those already fans of the man's red hot-gunning guitar-play -- with, most recently, Charlie Gracie, Robert Gordon, and the Rockats, as well as his own RARC -- know him...
Rebel Beat
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (14 March 2007)
Rebel Beat is the only film to document Los Angeles' original underground music : L.A. Rockabilly. This sexy, lo-fi, vintage rock style spans the cowboy rockers of the 1950s, the Rockabilly revivalists of the 80s, and today's Mexi-Billy stars. Featuring music from The Paladins, Big Sandy, Ray Campi, Rockin' Ryan, Rip Carson, Omar Romero, The Moonlight...
Rebels Revenge / Foggy Mountain Rockers
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (15 August 2007)
A live album featuring perfomances of two top Teddy Boy style Rock 'n' Roll bands. One wild gig, 25 songs with plenty of guitar twanging and rockin' double bass. The live atmosphere gives all the songs a special edge, that little bit extra that makes live concerts the best place to be for rockin'...
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