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Obscuritone, The
Submitted by rockinev (10 September 2013)
The first full length album from the London based rockin outfit released on their own lable. Full of energy drive and fire this album bursts into life from track one and never lets up. It actually contains several of the same titles as their E.P reviewed previously. However the newer material is spot on, H...
Obscuritones, The
Submitted by rockinev (04 March 2012)
The Obscuritones describe themselves as the Andrew Sisters singing with the Stray Cats after a night out with the Cramps, so when I came to listen to this I was expecting something a bit different. Thatís exactly what you get, rockabilly classics mixed with surf and garage to produce a rather unique sound they...
Omar Romero
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (29 January 2007)
He's adored my many rockabilly fans for his wild concert appearances and even wilder music. This album is the third release from him, but the first under his full name. Straight forward rockabilly with loud and raw guitar sounds all the way, in places very similar to the paul burlison sound from the...
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