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Nick Curran & The Lowlives
Submitted by hankabilly (20 May 2016)
Everybody must buy this album if don’t have it yet, it’s the best and last CD from the late great Nick Curran. Starting this album with Wild Lover from Etta James, man what a great version this shows so much the influence of Little Richard! Second song Real Rock Party this is the real...
Nico Duportal And His Rhythm Dudes
Submitted by rockinev (09 May 2013)
Nico Duportal and his Rhythm Dudes, bring us an album of big full bodied, brassy rocking and jumping rock n roll. The booming baritone sax and delightful piano underscore these tracks and drive the whole thing along like a well oiled engine room. Nico’s guitar sounds great leading the band through a high energy set...
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (24 April 2007)
A young Mexican rockabilly band who deliver their music with a lots of energy and wild rhythms. Nicotynas mix rockabilly with psychobilly and neo-rockabilly, all featuring stand-out lead guitar and punchy rhythm guitar, played by Wadalupe, the only girl in an otherwise all male group. Still she gets to sing a few songs. I...
Noisy Boys
Submitted by kitti (29 March 2009)
If you are organizing a rock’n’roll show and have a place for one more band, I would recommend The Noisy Boys from Switzerland. I have never seen them before live, but if they sound the same like on their last cd “What’s Damn Wrong?”, it is really the good band for a party. There are...
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