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J D Mcpherson
Submitted by rockinev (22 March 2015)
The latest much anticipated release from J D McPherson so popular is this album it took 2 weeks to arrive from a very well known online distributor. This is simply a stunning album taking the rockin' scene by storm styles vary from straight out rockabilly, blues, soul and good ol' rock n roll. ...
J. Tex & The Volunteers
Submitted by kitti (25 May 2010)
Maybe it is a pure accident, but all cds that I have been receiving from Scandinavia are of a very good quality: in style, looks and the most important - musically. This one is not an exception and is a perfect choice for those, who like old and not so old country music. 14 tracks, mostly...
J.p. Mcdermott And Western Bop
Submitted by gatorrock (05 September 2007)
A fantastic debut album that proves what the Washington D.C.-area honky-tonk crowd already knows -- J.P. is for real. McDermott can really sing and the band really rocks. It's easy to tell a lot of hard work and love for the music went into this. J.P.'s acoustic guitar drives the train and Bob Newscaster's lead guitar...
Jack Face & The Volcanos
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (09 April 2007)
The second album of these French hepcats was starts with 'Rock 'n' Roll Twist' which was originally recorded by JR White the Starbrites. The songs sets the standard and style of the album very well. Stripped down, layed back, traditional style uptempo country/rustic rockabilly style tunes with some blues blended in. Jack's voice...
Jack Rabbit Slim
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (24 April 2007)
Second album of Wild Wild Rockabilly from Jack Rabbit Slim. The first album was and is still selling like hot cakes, now the same story is being repeated by their latest release. In this album the band include a variety of styles, but sometimes is seams that the cats are trying to please everybody....
Jack Rabbit Slim
Submitted by rockinev (18 July 2008)
Put this on loud and hold tight! Could Bob and the boys follow Sleazabilly? Well the answer is a resounding yes. These guys take the original 50's energy of raw rockabilly and inject it with some 21st century 'sleaze'. During the course of the album there are clear references to Buddy Holly, Johnny Burnette and...
Jack Rabbit Slim
Submitted by rockinev (19 January 2010)
They’re back with album number 4,twelve new tracks including 11 originals, red hot and smouldering songs that burn their way right through you, this rock n roll is dangerous. The scene today is full of bands doing the same thing; the same covers, ‘the authentic ‘50’s sound’, what JRS do is push the boundaries...
Jack Rabbit Slim
Submitted by rockinev (05 May 2011)
A short sharp stab of rockabilly adrenaline is delivered with this 4 track EP from one of the top rockin bands on the scene. Their last full length CD saw JRS edge into the more indie sound taking rockabilly into unchartered territory for a while, no bad thing, but this sees them back to their...
Jay Chance & The Chancellors
Submitted by rockabilly_girl (25 January 2007)
Jay Chance is a British rocker who played the legendary 2is in soho in the 1950s, along with many other young rock 'n' roll singers of the time. He appeared on the radio and cut demos at hmv in London, but didn't get the big recording deal that would make him a star. He gave up...
Jerry Fuller
Submitted by raveonreviews (23 February 2009)
Jerry Fuller involvement in the music business is vast. A producer, performer and also a superb songwriter, he also discovered such talents ranging from Gary Puckett to Collin Raye. This set covers Fuller’s seven-year stretch on Hollywood’s Challenge label. Fuller’s stylings are eclectic, everything from the Northern Soul sound of the title track “Double Life,” PF...
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