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News » Ripsaw to release Marti Brom new CD in September

Ripsaw to release Marti Brom new CD in September

22 August 2010
Ripsaw Records, independent label specializing in roots rock 'n' roll and rockabilly, in joint venture with Goofin' USA, will release "Not For Nothin'," a 15 track CD by Marti Brom, during September 2010.

Marti Brom, a performer internationally acclaimed for her hard-driving rockabilly and sultry traditional country vocals, collaborated on the album with premier Washington area musicians and Grammy-winning producer Peter Bonta to create a contender for best roots rock, hard-core country, rock 'n' roll, rockabilly, Americana album of the decade. According to MARTI, however, her goal was more modest - simply to record a DC-themed thank you note for the Washington music community's hospitality during her family's military tour of duty here.

Marti's core support consisted of DC mainstays Pedro Sera on guitar, Louie Newmeyer on bass, and Saul McCormack on drums - with Boogie-Woogie Man Daryl Davis on piano.
This energized crew was supplemented with key contributions from Dieselbilly Bill Kirchen on guitar and vocals, bluegrass fiddle player Tad Marks, rockabilly Bily Hancock on guitar, Dave Van Allen on twangin' steel guitar, veteran Del Puschert on tenor sax, down and dirty Chris Watling on baritone sax, and bluegrass Bryan Smith on slappin' doghouse bass.

Marti selected all natural ingredients in making this tribute to the current and historical musical resources of the Washington area. Not only was the musical roster home-grown, so was the studio (BIAS), production team, engineer (Grammy Award winner Jim Robeson) and yes, even the label.
Songwriters with a D.C. area connection include rockabillies Tex Rubinowitz, Janis Martin, and Sean Mencher, Bill Kirchen and his wife Louise, as well as Baltimore's honky-tonkin' Arty Hill and Virginia's Austin, Texas transplant and long-time Marti songwriter, Teri Joyce. Marti also gives her signature spin to tunes popularized by Winchester's Patsy Cline, rhythm and blues hall of famer Ruth Brown, rockabilly/punk rocker Martha Hull, bluegrass hall of famer Bill Harrell, and legendary Baltimore rocker Pat Brown.
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