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News » Furious make music video with channel 4

Furious make music video with channel 4

09 April 2010
After hearing some of Furious' new songs from their un-released album, Antix Productions renowned for creating the infamous T.V show 'Most Haunted' and various other programmes, contacted the teenage trio with an interest to make a music video.

They heard the tracks after using the same recording studio in Reading a couple of months ago and instantly took to the band with their style.

In the last couple of weeks they've done all they can to get involved with promoting the band, and on the 12th April they will start filming in Liverpool with a script idea that they've written.

They say they want to capture the excitement of Furious at a live show, but at the same time, they want to bring it up-to date with one of their new songs which will be added to their album later as a CD-ROM.
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30 May 2010
Comment by thebopper

Nice one lads! You deserve it!!
Rockin' Regards