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News » How about to have "The Rockabillies" on your bookshelf?

How about to have "The Rockabillies" on your bookshelf?

04 April 2010
For those who are collecting books about rockabilly lifestyles here is something for you.

A little bit less than month ago the book under the name "The Rockabillies" (by Jennifer Greenburg) became available at the shops.

"In Rockabillies, photographer Jennifer Greenburg offers a visual tour of a unique global subculture and her own place within it. The individuals her photographs capture are examples of the rockabilly scene, having fully embraced the aesthetic values of teens in the 1950s. What intrigues Greenburg is that these contemporary Rockabillies choose to overlook the social and political realities of the time period they adore and emulate.
Through her photographs, Greenburg brings light to this unusual subculture and investigates its contradictory relationship to the American past"
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