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News » Germans worry about Robert Gordon

Germans worry about Robert Gordon

25 November 2009
The German ’Country Home News’ describes Robert Gordon at a recent show there as "overweight, tired and burned out".

Writer Andrea Weber reports that, "It was a weak performance, for a small audience. There isn’t much good to report about the show. Even the widely acclaimed guitarist Chris Spedding, who backed him, seems to have lost his enthusiasm for performing due to Robert’s poor shape".

Weber concludes that it is "saddening" to see Gordon perform like this, and adds that "an insider told me that Robert is depressed about his weight and about the attendances at recent shows. Which is understandable when you compare photos from his early days with recent shots".

But really, is that a legitimate reason to be self-destructive? Recently, Gordon has tried to attract bigger crowds by using Link Wray’s Acemen as his backing band, and even Slim Jim Phantom, which is surprising, because Gordon never made a secret of the fact that he didn’t care much for the Stray Cats...

Source of information: Country Home News
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