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News » Thanks for helping with our 1st Rockabilly Bash!

Thanks for helping with our 1st Rockabilly Bash!

10 November 2009
It was a great party and it was because of you, who could find time (and money) and come to rainy Holland for our 1st Rockabilly Bash at the Cruise Inn with special guest performer Don Woody.

But some people we would like to mention and give our big THANK YOU. They made it more easy for us, so we didn't get too stressed and now looking enthusiastically forward to the next Rockabilly Bash.

Here they are. Hans (not only the great singer and bass player, but also the best support of our Rockabilly Bash); Garik (for design work of flyers and poster); Chris (for being such a good friend and for making wonderful presentation during the Bash); Maurits (for participating, helping out and uploading so good FIRST video’s from the party); Jan, Sarah, James, Blanca, Martin, Bill (for helping a lot with promotion); Manja and Peggy (for making foto’s for us), Mano and Rick (for being brave and helping with not letting people in without payment) and sure, Don Woody, who agreed to come for some days all over from Texas and make this festival not forgettable fpr all of us!

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