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News » Goodbye Roy Kay Trio, Hello Roy Kay Combo?

Goodbye Roy Kay Trio, Hello Roy Kay Combo?

01 November 2009
After releasing four full length records and playing major rockabilly weekenders and venues all over the world as The Roy Kay Trio, Roy, Robin and Mike added Aaron to the mix to form the Roy Kay Combo.

"When you add drums and piano, there's more space," says Kay. "With the trio, we're really trying to make the most out of what we all have, which was really cool because it's a challenge to create a big full sound with three people. And I think it's almost the opposite way when you have a drummer and piano. Then it's a challenge to create the space to let five or six instruments play."

The trio is still goin' and continues to play shows and make new music with their unique drummerless rockin' sound, but when combo plays it's their own brand of 1950's rock 'n' roll with drums and guest musicians playing piano, steel guitar and sax.

Their debut full length record, "I'm Hooked", was released in October, 2009. Eleven new originals and one rockin' cover!

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