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News » Some small changes in Gin Palace Jesters' lineup

Some small changes in Gin Palace Jesters' lineup

24 October 2009
There are some minor changes in lineup of Chicago rockabilly/hillbilly band The Gin Palace Jesters.

Katie, the fiddle player, had a baby and moved to Reno, NV. Her new name is now "Fiddlin' Katie Reno".

The double bass player, Casey, got married and decided to move on after a good 5 year run.

"Spider" Mike Hobson is now playing the Upright with this band. He's good and young. And he's a songwriter. He used to be the upright man in the now defunct Chicago band The Stranger, but is better known for being the electric bassist in International Ska and Soul sensations Deal's Gone Bad.

Greg Hirte is now a new fiddle player. He really is red hot on that thing. Greg has been fiddling around Chicago for a few years now making a name for himself as a musician and an actor.

So the band is back in business.
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