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News » Drummer of Three Bad Jacks is leaving the band

Drummer of Three Bad Jacks is leaving the band

18 August 2009
The drummer of Rockabilly band from LA, Nick, will be moving on to take care of personal, family and health issues.

"We will really miss him. When he joined the band he really helped glue it all together through difficult times and became one of our closest friends. Nick was always fun to be around and what do you say we are upset but we understand. We appreciate his time, friendship and commitment" - Three Bad Jacks.

Nick will be playing with the band till they find a replacement.
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09 October 2009
Comment by jacks

maybe it was that Nick sucks as a drummer and could not fill the shoes of DJ Bone Break and Adam the other fantastic drummers the band has had in the past. I heard he had no work ethic to get his playing better and he ripped Elvis off for 300 dollars and for the Bass player Tristan his bass toned sucked and his playing did too he was not even close to the great skills of Bass playing of Brett Williams the former bass player of the band so he had to go

03 October 2009
Comment by rab4life

I hear the health reasons are that Elvis makes him sick. Since this post, the band has announced that they're looking for a new bass player too. Hasn't this dude Elvis had like close to 2 dozen other musicians in the band over the years? Maybe he's just an asshole and impossible to work with.