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News » "Hopped-Up" - the European hot rod scene in photos

"Hopped-Up" - the European hot rod scene in photos

22 May 2009
June 2009 sees, after five years of research that have taken the Berlin photographer around the whole of Europe, the release of David Biene’s photography collection ‘Hopped-Up’. From an insider’s point of view, ‘Hopped-Up’ portrays the European hot rod scene: the American ‘lifestyle’ of the ‘40s and ‘50s, the rock ‘n’ roll, the old-timers – all lovingly laid out alongside the excitement of rockabillies in hot rods fighting it out on the racetracks of Europe.

Biene’s book documents a way of life with its origins in late ‘40s America; one that has left its mark on the country’s image worldwide. Like Ford cars or Jack Daniel’s whiskey, the oil-smeared mechanic, the pomaded rockabilly or the gum-chewing peroxide blonde are integral elements of American cult(ural) history.

‘Hopped Up’ will be released on 13.06.2009 by Berlin publishing house Onkel & Onkel – introduced with a photography exhibition followed by a party in the Berlin rock ‘n’ roll institution White Trash Fast Food, complete with DJ and live band.

It was no accident that Biene found himself working on this project: he has been listening to rockabilly and rhythm ‘n’ blues since he was fifteen and has been regularly attending hot rod festivals across Europe since 2000.
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