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News » The Slapbacks got into a car crash

The Slapbacks got into a car crash

10 May 2009
The Austrian rockabilly band The Slapbacks had a bad car crash last Thursday on the way to Munich, where they scheduled to play the 5th anniversary at the Peppermint Lounge. 20 miles before they reached the bar the car slid over the whole highway with full speed and crashed into the roadside. Several rollovers later it hit a tree and landed on the roof.

Luckily all members of the band survived but sadly Mr. Watson got hurt really bad. He was brought into the hospital by helicopter due to his major injuries. At the moment he is in Munich in hospital and has several surgeries 'cause his left shoulder and arm is heavily injured.

We all hope that he is recovering real fast so that he will be able to pick up is bass by himself quite soon. But so far all gigs of The Slapbacks until August are cancelled.
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