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News » Patrick Ouchene lost his voice in St.Petersburg

Patrick Ouchene lost his voice in St.Petersburg

08 May 2009
Last Sunday, 3rd of May, Patrick had a gig in a small retro-bar in St.Petersburg "Chert Poberi". It was such a furious and "crazy" gig (if you have ever played in Russia and have Russian friends around you, you can imagine how it was), that during the second show in St.Petersburg, which took place two days after, Patrick appeared to be totally without voice. He didn't sing any song, and hardly could speak, so luckily drummer of Runnin' Wild took over and replaced Patrick as a lead singer. Lead singer of Bop-A-Tones also helped a lot.

Officially was announced: "For Belgium, copycat Patrick Ouchène made his second rehearsal as number three in the running order on Thursday. Noticeable to all, the voice of the singer was very strained due to a cold. On Wednesday, the singer thought that he had a fever, but the Belgian delegation reports of a good night's sleep for Patrick, and there are currently in the team no worries about his voice for the big night."
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