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News » The International Country Music presents Charlie Louvin

The International Country Music presents Charlie Louvin

19 April 2009
Consistent with the wide variety of presentations that characterizes the International Country Music Conference (ICMC), you will be pleased to know that Charlie Louvin (best known as one of the Louvin Brothers) will be the subject of a presentation by Gene Autry award winning biographer Ms. Holly George-Warren. Charlie Louvin has been present at ICMC as a special guest for the Charlie Lamb Awards for Excellence in Country Music Journalism and the object of work by the late
Charles Wolfe. Holly George-Warren' s presentation “Charlie Louvin and the Murder Ballad Tradition” suggests that "Charlie Louvin is the keeper of the flame of the murder ballad/disaster song tradition - as perfected by the Louvin Brothers." In addition, George-Warren indicates that "Charlie, at 81, has a new album coming out in early '09, beautifully backed by some great pickers, of the old songs on "Tragic Songs of Life" as well as other old murder ballads" and that "the story of Ira and the Louvin Brothers is like a tragic song of life itself." Charlie Louvin may well be in attendance to enjoy and react to Holly George-Warren' s presentation. The Charlie Louvin presentation will be Saturday morning 23 May 2009 with Dr. Erika Brady of Western Kentucky University presiding.

For more information check ICMC Website
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