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News » The end of Rockabilly Hall of Fame Website

The end of Rockabilly Hall of Fame Website

12 April 2009
The owner of Rockabilly Hall of Fame, Bob Timmers, is in pretty bad shape, physically and financially. More to say, he was actually using some of his social security money to keep the RHOF website going. So probably the web site is in its final days if nothing is done.
He is not even able right now to keep the website updated. He is too weak. So rockabillies all around the World are trying to find solutions and keep up website we all like so much. So far, the first option is to make an annual contribution. Another way to raise some serious money to keep Bob & the Website from collapse would be for every Rockin' artiste/band that is registered here to put on a fund raising gig.
If you have any other ideas, thay are welcome.
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