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News » No more downloads on Rockabilly Bash

No more downloads on Rockabilly Bash

29 March 2009
We have got a warning about using downloads on Rockabilly Bash without permition of copyright companies. Even though bands were agreeing with it. So we have to make them only streaming now. We know that most of you liked this section the most, but it is cruel world and we, with all our wish to promote rockabilly music, can do nothing about it. Sorry about it.

But also there is a bright side about streaming instead of downloads. Now more bands will let us to add their music to Rockabilly Bash, so, in fact, the music list will be much longer.

And as you know we have all information linked to each other, so if you are looking for a band or review, you can listen right away to the music.

Soon we are planning radio shows online, so you also can enjoy rockabilly programs while surfing Rockabilly Bash. Plus some more changes are coming. This time more pleasant ones.

Always yours,
Rockabilly Bash crew

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