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News » Patrick Ouchène to represent Belgium at Eurovison in Moscow

Patrick Ouchène to represent Belgium at Eurovison in Moscow

08 March 2009
Patrick Ouchène from the band Runnin' Wild was selected by Belgian broadcaster RTBF to represent Belgium in the semifinals of the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow. Ouchène will sing the song Copycat, a song about Elvis Presley in English.

The song Copycat was written by Jacques Duvall, the pseudonymn of Eric Verwilghen. In the past, he wrote songs for Jane Birkin, Jeff Bodart, Viktor Laszlo, Pierre Rapsat and Telex among others, but he is mostly known for the hit he wrote for Lio. More than two million singles of the song Le Banana Split were sold back in 1979! Benjamin Schoos aka Miam Monster Miam wrote the music.

Jacques Duvall also worked with Patrick Ouchène before. Duvall wrote songs for I Dressed In Black Today, the album released by Ouchène's band Runnin' Wild early last year. For the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 Jacques Duvall wrote the song Copycat, a tribute to 'the King'. Patrick Ouchène will perform the song in the first semifinal on Tuesday 12th May. Copycat will be presented in a press conference on 10th March.
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